American Eagle & Monaco Signature with Lithium Batteries

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Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Rev Group is now offering Lithium batteries as an option on the 2019 American Eagle & Monaco Signature.  It's a whopping $11,780 upgrade for 8 x 100AH LiFePO4 batteries, but we are talking coaches with an MSRP around $750k, so maybe an extra $12k isn't all that big a deal.  The option includes heated warming mat under the batteries to assure they can be charged in temperatures below 25 F.  It also ties the batteries together with a pair of bus bars so that the connection point is in the middle of the 8 battery bank.  Lithium batteries charge to a higher voltage than lead-acid, hold up better under repeated deep discharges, and are much lighter in weight, all significant advantages in any RV.

The article below is a Tech Tip by Rob Lowe, owner of RV Parts Plus, and an American Coach owner. Rob has had Lithium batteries in his coach for almost 5 years now and is a strong proponent of LiFePO4 batteries.  I've included it here in Tech Talk because it contains several tech facts about lithium batteries that many here are probably unaware of.  It only takes a minute or tow to read, so give it a shot.

In the article above, Rob mentions some previous blogs/tips about  Lithium batteries, so I've included links to those as well in case any of you want to learn more.
Tech Tips #82-83-84:
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