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Oct 10, 2005
I've just arrived here.  I've been "RV"-ing for many years if your count my tent trailering years.  I  then bought, in about 1994, a 1973 Shatsa 16ft fully self contained trailer and I, and my new wife, set off on a new camping experience.  We hauled the Shasta around for about 6 years using a 4 cylinder Voyager (2.5 liter 4), and a 1991 Ford F150 inline six as tow vehicles.  Much great camping here in the pacific northwest. (I have to assure you all that it's horrible here, constant rain, ugly, ugly place).  Anyway, after 6 seasons of camping with the perfectly wonderful Shasta (Swiss Army House) trailer, we found a new to us unit, a Terrry, 19N, 1994 trailer.  Heavier, but much nicer all around.  The shake down cruise was an adventure.  We learned a bunch about the new trailer, and most of it was good.  There were bad partsl, and I invite you to read my screed about Curtis Trailer Sales in Portland, Oregon.  If you are interested, I will reveal the name of the Washington state RV folks  that seemed to be really honest.  Anyway, I'm 60, Marianne is 45.  She's a writer and a computer consultant (SAP, ABAP, and damned good), and I'm a PhD economist working, for now, in the Portland, Or. regularory anena.


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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Welcome to the RV Forum.  Sounds like you have a lot of RVing experience to share.  We are looking forward to your participation.  Glad you found us.
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