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Aug 25, 2016
My plan is to work at State Parks in FL during the upcoming Winter.

I plan on one month at a park and then the next month at another park then maybe a month or 2 at a campground
and then another 2 months at a State Park again.

When I was in FL last Winter I used the USPS forwarding service and had no problems but I was in one place for 3 months
and then only had to leave a month or 2 early for an emergency at home.

So since I only plan on 6 months away from home WHAT is the best way to get my mail while moving every month or so?
I won't need any service during the Summertime as I will be stationary all Summer.

Please advise me on what works and what doesn't and what costs to expect etc.
One more thing is, at this time I don't plan on changing my residence or Drivers license etc.


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Nov 22, 2010
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I suggest signing up with a FL mail forwarder like St Brendan's Isle for the time you'll be in the FL area. Set up a temporary forward with the USPS to SBI, and then you can have SBI send your mail whenever you want, wherever you are at the time. If the park doesn't accept mail for the work campers or guests, you can have it sent to General Delivery at a local post office.
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