Any one use Windows Remote Assistance?

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I used it when I bought a new computer and couldn't transfer my Streets N Trips to the new one.  Called Microsoft, gave their tech control and he set everything up just fine.  Now if you are talking about being able to control one of your own computers remotely, I use TeamViewer.  It is free for non-commercial use and works great.  Speed of operation depends upon your internet connection but the screen you see is the screen from the remote computer. You have full control of the remote.
I don't use the builtin Windows Remote Assistance but instead use TeamViewer.  It requires no installation on the remote computer, just run a small program, and it's free for non-commercial use.
Thanks, I will try that, I have spent several hours with WRA, some time it works fine and some time it don't. Just like me.
Gotomypc works well, and it's has many good security features (it meets PCI requirements for remote access). 
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