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I didn't know there was such a thing until I was involved in a high altitude balloon launch and a guy placed some rectangles of wood in the payload. He made what he called space pens out of them, since this wood had technically traveled well above earth (~100kft). I thought that was pretty novel.

Mark B.
Albuquerque, NM
My DW bought me a lathe about 10 years ago and I use to take it to FL to have something to do while there. Shuffleboard is not my thing in a Campground. I’ve made quite a few pens over the years. I use to take it back and forth from NH because I was able to transport it in the back of my truck while towing my fifth wheel. We stopped towing about 5 years ago. Now I don’t have room in my car to transport it so it stays home in NH so it doesn’t get used anymore. I’ve been thinking about selling it.
I’ve also made some salt and pepper shakers which came out real good. I use to get my supplies from Penn State Industries.
Not me, but have met many along our travels. Usually they set up a canopy and work on them. Sell them at the Park craft fairs etc. Understand the exterior turning, not sure about how to hollow them out, juessing a drill bit stationary and drive int the turning blank? Woodworking supply stores seem to be best source for blanks.
Interesting...I know a guy on FB whose wife does it. He's posted pics a couple times and I just thought she had some weird, one-off hobby as I'd never heard of it before. Apparently it's a thing.
A side note; roller-ball pens use water-based ink. Ball-point pens use petroleum-based ink.
I do prefer wooden pens, with my tremors they are easier to hold and use.
I've turned a few...and sold a few over the years. I've done a number of them out of deer antler. In fact, a long-time family friend (who was an avid deer hunter) died and his son sent me several deer antlers and commissioned me to do eight or ten antler pens for family members.

Lately all I've done is graduation gift pens for the grandkids. I have them laser engraved with their name, school name and graduation year as a memento of their college careers.

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