Anyone fished San Luis Reservoir?

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Sep 28, 2005
HAve been reading a lot about the great striper fishing there around fall.  It's only  1 1/2 hrs from my house and I am getting the itch to take the trailer up there for the weekend and fish from shore.  I hear they have warning lights all over the lake and when these lights go off you have to get your boat out.  The winds can make near ocean conditions on the lake from what I have read.


Jan 13, 2005
San Luis is indeed a great place for landlocked stripers with some big fish reportedly caught there. I don't recall (or haven't seen) the warning lights, but I can confirm from experience that the winds get up in the afternoon and the lake can get quite choppy. I wouldn't call them near-ocean condtions, but it's all relative and, when you're in a small boat, small waves can appear huge. When we got caught outside the Golden Gate in seas that reached 28 feet that afternoon (weather man got the forecast wrong), I would have given anything to be on San Luis.

I haven't fished San Luis for a number of years but I recall seeing RVs parked at the shoreline when we used to trailer a boat to the reservoir and often thought it would be a neat place to spend a weekend.

Patiently waiting for a photo of your big striper  ;D
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