Anyone know this Dealer?

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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Steve said:
Here is the web site to a dealer we are thinking of doing business with, has any one done business with or know of them?


Howdy, Steve.
I don't know anything about that dealer but here are some web sites for reviews of RVs. That dealer might be mentioned in a review.

Knowledge is power.  ;)


Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
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I note that they are a used RV dealer, not a new vehicle dealer, so they are either selling on consignment from a private owner or handling other dealers cast-offs. That doesn't make them bad, though, and based on their web site they appear to have a homey touch about them.


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Mar 3, 2005

I know nothing about this dealer but after owning two VW Camper Buses, we have purchased five real motorhomes starting is 1971.  Also we have subscribed to the magazine Trailer Life from 1971 until 1990, Motorhome from 1971 to today, and for the last 10 years the FMCA magazine too .  I mention this so you can see from where my opinion is coming.

During all those years and still today I have read the many letters to the magazines pleading for help with a dealer that is ignoring prior promises.  It is these many letters over 30 plus years that formed my opinion and here are my thoughts.

Be aware that once you pay up and drive the MH off the dealer's lot, the dealer may or may not deliver on whatever promises he made no matter whether it is a new or used MH.  Make sure everything that was promised to be fixed, is fixed BEFORE you pay up and drive off.  Consider an extended warranty program.  If it's a used MH get a VIN check (less than $50) that shows a title history of the MH during its entire life.  Most folks that buy a vehicle on eBay get one.  They are advertised on eBay.

Even on this RV Forum and also the previous CompuServe version of the RV Forum I saw folks write in about dealer problems and broken promises.

Bottom line:  test it thoroughly, pay an expert to check it out (money well spent), and list (in writing) what is to be fixed BEFORE you take delivery and stick to it...don't pay up and take delivery until all promised fixes are fixed.  TEST THE FIXES!

On the two Monaco coaches we bought (new) we took factory delivery.  It cost $1,500 but we did not have to pay any dealer delivery.  Monaco fixed EVERYTHING that was not right or perfect even down to repainting an area on the passenger side rear roof line where it curves down to the outside wall.  At Monaco you live in your MH and use everything during the 3-4 day factory delivery.

On both our Monaco factory deliveries they assigned a full time tech to us for 3-4 days all day every day.  To me it's the best $1,500 I ever spent.  For example, on our 1999 Monaco Windsor delivery the tank gauges were not reading consistently.  The tech checked the tank sensors, the wiring, and the panel itself.  Result:  the panel was bad so he went to production, got a new panel, installed it with the hour, and everything worked perfectly.  My point is, if the dealer had to do this it would have involved waiting for an appointment for service, diagnosing a bad panel, and waiting for a part which may arrive the next day or a week later depending on availability.  TAKE FACTORY DELIVERY ON NEW COACHES.

We would not purchase any new MH if the manufacturer did NOT offer a factory delivery option.

My personal belief is, "A promise made is a debt unpaid"


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