Anyone own a Crossroads Z-1 211RD?

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Sean G.

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Jan 19, 2010
East Tennessee
My wife and I are planning on purchasing a TT next summer.  We really like the 211RD and haven't seen another model at the same price point that we like.  The only concern I have is the routing of the propane line.  It is run beside the tires on both sides of the trailer.  On the left side it turns toward the center of the trailer and is between the frame and suspension hanger.  There was an effort to put a suspension stop in but it looks like the hanger would come in contact with the propane line if the front axle was bottomed out.  Check out the add and enlarge the pic of the wheels.

I was hoping there was a 211RD owner who could give some feedback. 

Thanks for any insight

East Tennessee
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