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Jun 11, 2005
My wife and I bought a brand new Arctic Fox 33-5v fifth wheel last December when we thought we would need it for a couple of years as we built our new house - but then we found the perfect place already built. So now we are thinking of selling the unit but aren't sure how to find the used value. A new one costs about $42k but ours has a 7 yr. superduper extended warranty that cost almost $2k - we would break even at $35k, but I heard they depreciate pretty quick. Is there "blue book" for these things? If we have to take a bath we'l just keep it.

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Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
Many buyers are reluctant to purchase privately because they feel they need a dealer's facility to service the unfamiliar and complex systems in an RV. Financing is also a mystery that many do not wish to deal with on their own (but it is really easy if you work with any of the several companies that specialize in Rv financing).  The net result of that is that you usually have to attract buyers with ultra-low prices. A few people have managed to get a near-NADA book price in a short time, but often private sellers find it can take 6-18 months to get a buyer at even a steeply discounted price.  I'd suggest setting a price modestly below NADA book and advertising for awhile and see what happens. If the right buyer comes along, you can sell. If not, just keep the rig.

You might wish to locate sources of RV financing to assist would-be buyers.  An online search for "RV finance" or "RV financing" should turn up several and you can give buyers phone numbers, web site addresses and maybe even application forms.  Some companies are Ganis Credit, Esses Credit, and Beacon Credit.  These are all reputable companies who know how to handle private sales.


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May 3, 2013
Sugar Land, Texas
For RV sale values, try
NADA RV price guide @

or the sold list @ PPL Motorhomes


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