Are there any restrictions on bringing dogs to Canada?

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Going through this now for next summer travels through Canada to Alaska and return.
This is what I've found, so far:
You will want to make sure your furry travel companions are up to date on their rabies vaccinations and if not you need to make sure they have been vaccinated at least 30 days in advance before entering Canada or the US. This is a federal requirement in both the US and Canada. ALSO… and this is where everyone gets so confused but the State of Alaska (and only the State of Alaska) requires your pets have a Health Certificate completed BEFORE they enter Alaska.
Don't take just anyones word on the regs - check out the following and be in compliance.

Here's the food regs.
And the pet regs.
After many dozens of Canada crossings, We have NEVER been questioned about our dog either direction..>>>Dan (This includes the time we had the motorhome "inspected" inside and out.. We were told to stand in a yellow circle about 30 feet from the coach during the "inspection" and included the dog"..>>>D)
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Yup, same here - but the regs are there and if they want to they can make life miserable for someone. I have lived on the Canadian border my whole life - remeber driving back and forth and there would be no customs agents either side. Got stopped one time in later years and went through a 2 hour inspection/hold up, for no apparent reason. Just say'n, It happens.
The only time I was "inspected" was many years ago just after I had received my Utah concealed carry permit,, must have just been coincidence huh?? >>>Dan ( And I wasn't surprised.)
Dan, Kevin has had a concealed carry license for many years. The only inspection we had at the border crossings (multiple!) this summer was an agricultural inspector who looked in our refrigerator. They asked us whether we had guns, we replied negatively, and that was it.
Pam,, The "inspection" I got was two hours long ,and through to the max. We had to stand in a 30 foot yellow circle painted on the asphalt placed about 50 feet from the "inspection" area,, with the dog while two "inspectors" were inside the coach and one outside the coach going thru all the storage bays and the towed.. They did not miss a thing,, even the 10 disc player was in a different order than before..>>>Dan
When I crossed into Canada in 2019, we went prepared after reading the regulations, and had our three dogs' vet histories with us, including all vaccinations. I was prepared to hand all the paperwork over to the customs agent when he was questioning us through the window of the coach, but he had no interest in the dogs. They apparently are tied into a computer system similar to what the FBI has because he was more interested in knowing where my 9mm handgun was and who I left it with before attempting the crossing. All three dogs were trying to see out the window, so he was able to tell they were healthy and active.

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