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Jul 19, 2006
A 1994 Nu-Wa Hitchiker 36 Feet 5th wheel and a 2000 GMC Sierra?? ????

If it matters - We did just have the transmission in the truck rebuilt, so it does now have a transmission cooler.

Oh yeah and is there a truck bed length requirement when considering 5th wheels?  After some reading, I'm preferring a 5th wheel versus a TT - but my DH thinks his 6.5 foot long truck bed is too short - that the trailer will hit the cab - what's you take on that?
These Gents that have all this knowledge about trucks need alittle more info, as to motor, 2 wheel or 4wh dr, bed size, 3/4,? or what?? If it's a half ton then it's not much more than a car.

We need more info to help you. Sierra - engine (type/size), rear end ratio, cab options, towing options, GVWR, GCWR, tow rating, etc. Fifth wheel - All weights, water tank capacity, propane tank(s) capacity etc.
Also, how many people will be traveling?
Thanks guys, I appreciate your thouroughness.

I have the books on the camper at home now - the guy selling it let me borrow them.? So, right now I don't know the specifics, I guess I thought you all might? ;) like me giving the make and model, it had some 'standard' numbers written down somewhere.? It's the Champagne edition....

As for the truck, I have contacted GMC and with my VIN number, this was the information I was given back.? Now this is like ver batum (?) so don't ask me to interpret it either? :-\

Engine - Vortex 5300 V8 SFI gas engine
Tow capacity - 8,500
tongue weight - 10-15% of total loaded trailer weight up to 1,000 pounds (wouldn't matter with a 5th wheel, right)
bed length - 6.5 feet
rear end axle ratio - 3.73
cab options - extended 4X4
towing options - heavy duty trailering equipment and suspension packaging equipped
GVW - 6,408

Ok, I just called Nu-wa also and is it Nu-way or Nu-wa?
and here are her replies:

Hitch weight - 1,900
dry weight - 11,500
GVWR - 13,400
fresh water - 50 gallons
stool tank - 38 gallons (should be empty)
kitchen - 33 gallons (should be empty)
gray water - 38 gallons (should be empty)
couldn't tell me the propane tanks.

As for the people, immediate family is
Dad - 190 pds
Mom - 170 pds
Son - 40 pds
Son - 50 pds
and then if any other kids tag along 100-200 more pounds...

Do I pass the information test yet??? :p
I imagine that you are waaaaaay out of your league. You say tow capacity of 8500 lbs, but yet the trailer dry weight is 11,500 that's 3000 lbs in the red to begin with without adding water, gas, people, clothing, food, etc., etc.

To find out what you really can tow, take the weight of your vehicle, subtract if from the GCWR on the door sticker and subtract what you think you, your passengers and cargo will weigh. This will put you in the ball park. Now, if you will be towing in the west, because of mountains, you will want shoot for roughly 80% of that for your trailer GVW, or about 85% if towing in the east because of almost mountains.

Like Larry says your truck cannot haul that trailer.? ?It would be dangerous to try.

Assuming that your numbers are right allowing a 10% safety factor for east of the Mississippi towing, that truck should never tow a trailer with a GVWR of more than 7650 lbs.? If you tow in the mountain west make that 20% and nothing more than 6800 lbs.? ? That trailer is about twice what you should tow.

If you want to see what would happen click HERE.

At a 100% overload, you could easily find yourself in the position of that poor soul.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!?

I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the honest answers.? This evening, I had the guy selling the camper try and talk me into a larger truck...Not there yet - we're first timers.? Then another guy argued that if you get the right hitch, you can tow anything behind our Suburban (another vehicle we have, but we want a 5th wheel)? I was like, ugh! it's a fifth wheel, you have to use a truck? ??? oh just never mind? ::)? I may be a women, but I come educated! (Thanks to you fantastic guys? ;) )

And with the info of what I can haul now under my belt, I can spend my time wiser when considering which campers to look at.? And even then, I'm sure I'll be back here for that 'Fatherly ok'? ;)

I'm still waiting on my dial up to download the the video - but from others reactions, I'm sure it's a eye opener!  :eek:
For fifth wheel towing, you can forget the "tow rating", though it will be in the ball park for estimating purposes.  You need to learn a number for your truck called the GCWR - Gross Combined Weight Rating.  That's the max total weight for the truck, the trailer and everything carried in them.  Basically you subtract the loaded weight of the truck (including passengers, gear, fuel and hitch) from the GCWR and that's the max weight of the fifthwheel you can tow.  You are also limited by the truck's payload carrying capacity, which is largely goverend by its rear axle capacity (rear GAWR). Approximately 15-20% of the trailer's weight will rest on the fifth wheel hitch and the truck's suspension has to be able to carry that weight. That's 1500-2000 lbs on a 10,000 lb trailer, which is more than most half ton trucks can handle.

We are glad to hear you educated yourself enough before going shopping to recognise that you were being given bum advice.  Smart shopping!

Both Gary and Carl are experts (although they won't admit to it) when it comes to towing. I'd sooner believe them than any dealer, salesman, or private seller when it comes to what you can do, with what.
Glad you stopped here first! 
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