Are you an RV'er or someone who lives in a TRAILER, with no wheels?

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Dec 8, 2023
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Many times I will get in conversations with folks, who mean well. But have little to no understanding of the simple differences between a Motorhome, Campervan, Class B or B+, hitch weight, In-house, and chassis batteries. Other than miles of TEXT. How do you know the person you are talking with is a real RV'er? So when you ask a question like, so is your Motorhome a Pusher or Puller? Do they know what you are talking about? How can you tell if a fellow forum member is a real RV'er or NOT?
Perhaps other folks wish to identify as RV'rs. In today's bathroom of people there are many "custom conversions" around. Some stand and shake others would like to sit and wiggle, be careful out there.
Same being asked here:
I live in a self converted 40 ft Bus. I live 24/7/365 in an RV park. The bus rarely moves location. The truck camper rolls daily and is rarely on hookups. I have been told by many people on several "RV" forums that I'm not a "real" RVer or fulltime RVer. I'm not. I'm an individual who lives in a residential vehicle and sometimes camps and sometimes parks overnight in parking lots when passing thru a place. Do I care what you or anyone else thinks? Nope. Because it's just your opinion and your opinion doesn't count with me. Is that rude? Maybe so. I have just ceased to care about other people's opinions. I seriously doubt that my opinion of some unknown person's opinion is going to keep that person up at night.
No, You are all correct, I just wanted to make a point, about being cautious with information over the web.

You don't have to be a person with no RV knowledge, anyone can JOIN us, and be a part of learning the ins and outs of RV ownership.

Some of the best information I have learned about RV's came from Forums like this one. But over the years I've learned not all RV's are the same and call for different fixes. Sometimes its wiser to question the information you're given just as you questioned, my post above.

Be Cautious with provided tips, and fixes
Sometimes its wiser to question the information you're given just as you questioned, my post above.
That part I very much agree with, but I'm not sure what having wheels on the RV have to do with it? As a career electrical worker, I'm often skeptical of advice from armatures. I have also repaired a lot of RV appliances a some of that advice is bad as well but the appliances in a permanently parked RV still are the same as those found in RVs that are traveling.
Actually, I don't know what I am any more. I retired 2 years ago and ever since then, I REALLY don't know what I am any more. And actually, I really don't have a need to think about it either. I worked in Information Technology in software development for 25 years. I'm not paid to "think" any more, and even thinking about this question on this forum post is already making my head hurt!
In Missouri it used to be (not sure about now) if it has wheels under it, it's taxed as personal property.
Remove the axles and it's considered real estate, so there's one difference.
Oh Man, I truly screwed this post up. I was never an English composition major and kept reading my posts but not seeing, the subject line until NOW. I'm so deeply sorry I did not in any way mean to infer anyone was less important living in a LANDLOCKED TRAILER as that was my bad attempt to create a metaphor.

It was not until I read my post the 4th time and this time with the subject line included with all the hard-to-understand feedback. I was not getting in my replies or understanding while pondering your feedback. When I was trying to alert members be cautious when taking advice from others on the internet. Anyone can be an RV expert, no matter their background.

As for the subject line, a "trailer without wheels" is a home, implying anyone can give you advice or be a member. Boy, do I have pie in my face? As the old saying reads "Every tub sits on its own bottom"

I was trying to be informative and helpful as if trying to hold a ladder for a painter. "Oh well NO Good deed is without merit, in the attempt of doing good. Even if they fall on their face in trying"

Thanks to all who were trying to help me see my short-sightedness. As I was trying to warn fellow members to be cautious when getting advice. So much for trying to be a messenger of goodwill. Thanks for your understanding and kind words in showing me my error. Again, sadly, I'm sorry to have brought anyone pain.
My head is a little more clear today ;) .

"How can you tell if a fellow forum member is a real RV'er or NOT?"

Well, if someone gives information and it makes logical sense, then it's good information. If it seems odd, doesn't sound right, or quite obvious just wrong, then it's ignored.

How many RV salesman sell RVs from respective RV dealerships who have never spend a single night inside one of the camper they are trying to sell?

How many RV repair shops attempt to fix RV problems and have no clue what they are doing either?

It happens. It just happens. We all have to just use our own common sense to not be taken in by bogus "wana-be's".

Folks new to RVing, who have never owned one... well, I've learned from this and other multiple forums, that newbies to RVing, especially first time RVers WILL NOT listen to even the soundest of advise from those of us who that lived through it! The only way they can learn is to make their own mistakes. After a while, we have no choice but to give up with these bull headed people who feel they know everything so much better, and let them sink in their own muck. They eventually learn too. But they pay a price. We really can't help those type of people.
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