At The Campsite With Dogs

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Apr 22, 2012
Wherever we park it
When at campsite we tether our two big Akitas on a 10' lead to either a stationary object, clipped around our Anderson leveling jacks on the ground and not both to the same point which usually keeps them from getting tangled, though one of us stays outside with them at all times to quickly solve any tangling issues. We frequently walk and exercise them so when at the campsite they either take naps or sit and watch the goings on.


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Mar 16, 2014
North America-somewhere
Although I have done it a time or two many parks heavily frown on tieing anything to trees. Anchors or fences seem to be the best solutions. Our last Lab mix loved to run, so I invested in a Walkie Dog for my bike. Hooked him up and we would go for a bike ride. I clocked him one time at 22 MPH pulling me! I got some negative comments from a few people claiming I was abusing him. I just laughed at them and explained HE loved to run amd that I let him dictate when how fast and how long we rode. Dogs, especially working dogs need exercise to be happy, so the OP needs to figure out how to work his dogs to keep them happy, then he wo t have to worry about them so much.
In Alaska they exercise their dog teams by hooking them to a 4-wheeler in summer months. The man I was watching had to use the brakes once in a while to slow them and so they pulled harder. They would be running so fast when they went around a corner the 4-wheeler would slide sideways.

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