atwood water heater

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Steve CDN

Well-known member
Jan 31, 2005
Hello Yukon!

Our Forum members may not be familiar with Atwood model numbers, so perhaps you could elaborate on the difference between the two models and what you want to accomplish.

Are you thinking of replacing one with the other and why is there not a direct replacement?

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Atwood makes several models that can be used to replace the GC6AA7.  Generally speaking, nearly all the 6 gallon models have identical specs for the cut-out size and can be used to replace each other. There may be small differences in gas and water line hook-ups and differences in electrical connections if you replace a pilot model with a DSI type or something like that.  I'm not familiar with either of the models you mention, so am not sure what type they are, e.g. DSI gas, pilot gas, DSI gas + electric, etc.

You can review many of them at Ductec - Atwood heaters Their web pages identify what older models the current models will replace.
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