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Jan 29, 2019
My black Awning is starting to show signs of sun damage at the top when it is closed. Is there anything I can spray on to help it last longer?
Depends on the type of material but most are acrylic fabric these days. There are "sun guard" or protectant products that may help, e.g. Scotchguard Outdoor Fabric Spray, 303 Marine Fabric Guard, Starbright Waterproofing, etc. I wouldn't expect miracles, but it should help.
I've always thought about one of the flexible roof coatings would mitigate some of the UV damage that happens, but at this point mine's BER and haven't tried it. There are those metal shields you can buy that goes over them but they cost as much as a whole awning. Seems there'd be a solution incorporating a "final foot" covering, even if sacrificial that would help lifespan of these things, even just another layer of the same material. You see a lot of sun roasted awnings out there where they meet the RV body.

Mark B.
Albuquerque, NM
If it is just the part that's exposed when it's rolled up.. Many products that should work.
I am thinking of the rubberized roofing products like Snow Coat (It's white but there are some black versions too)
Well, if you let the spray from Old Faithful soak it, be sure to rinse it, The spray from Steamboat is even worse. They do make a pvc snap on caver to help, but if damage is already there, I would use a product like 303, it helps vinyl. If it is actually the acrylic cloth, Check with SUnBrella care. If you end up replacing, get the aluminum wrap for the last foot.
Since the awning is now 5 years old, it probably has some damage already but it sure wouldn't hurt to take Gary's advice. A friend of mine bought some Rec-Pro awning covers that he found were such a chore to put on and take off that he only used them when the RV was in storage. Amazon has a lot of sprays and cleaners that say they help, but I'd be very careful to make sure that what you use is compatible with the material your awning is made of.
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