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Sep 5, 2008
New Jersey
Need to replace the awning on our MH, awning fabric only no hardware. Two questions; is it a DIY project and is one fabric better than the other? As always thanks for the help.

Tom, thanks for the info. I watched the videos and I'm now wondering why you can't just extend the awning all the way out as you normally would and just slide the ends of the awning off than slide in the new awning and close it up. I'll have to look at mine again but I think I can slide it out of the groove in the tension end without taking out the rivets . I'll see.

You may be able to do that, but you still need to support the arms first because the tension of the fabric is what keeps the arms from dropping to the ground.

Instructions vary a bit by awning brands and model and you didn't mention what you have.
Regarding the fabric choice.
I had the vinyl without metal guard that came with my motor home removed and replaced with acrylic and the metal guard several years ago.
I prefer the acrylic. It dries fast and is easier for me to keep clean. Have never had the mildew issue with it that I had with the vinyl.

There is one downside though. If you park under oak trees when they are dropping sap, acrylic is harder to clean than vinyl.
I had to use a lot of isopropyl alcohol - daubed on and blotted up.
The other side of the acrylic/vinyl story. I had acrylic and replaced it with vinyl. I prefer the vinyl for ease of cleaning. I had heard that the acrylic was cooler - I didn't notice any difference. The as you have seen other's prefer the acrylic. When I was getting the replacement I asked the manufacturer the difference. The only confirmation made was one was acrylic and one was vinyl... Both were the shielded type.

I replaced mine (Dometic) in a couple of hours with one helper. The directions are pretty clear. Don't be afraid of the springs but very respectful. I did put an awning lock on ours. I wouldn't have had to replace the fabric if I had one on the trip before I replaced it.

Now if we can just get winter to end - ~($@*^&%$# ground hog!
I replaced mine with the help of my adult son and daughter.  It took a couple hours, and a couple beers, but it is doable.  I agree with the posting about being respectful of the spring tension.  If for some reason it does get unwound, you can wind it back up based on the charts given in the DIY links.
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