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Scott Gallimore

New member
Jan 29, 2012
Hillsboro, Ohio
Help! I have a 1999 Winnebago Adventurer 34. The original owner had a Voyager AOM-53 backup monitor (with builtin microphone) installed by Camping World shortly after he purchased the RV (the camera cable was run under the RV which makes it look somewhat easier to replace). It just died. The screen doesn't light up and the monitor puts out a nasty loud static noise that isn't controlled by the volume control. It's not a real big deal because I've been wanting to upgrade to a color setup for a while. The issue I'm having is this unit has one camera enclosure that has two camera positions (selected by a push button on the monitor. One position shows the trailer hitch perfectly. The other position works great for monitoring the toad and trailers and traffic positions for lane changes. Unfortunately, I can't seem to be able to find a replacement setup. Is this two camera position feature no longer available? If it is available, how do I ask/search for it? Or is this capability handled now days with two separate cameras?

Thanks in advance!
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