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Jul 18, 2006
We are picking up the new MH this saturday, and I would really like to get a backup camera system for it. I've been thinking about getting one of the wireless systems, but I'm not sure how good they work. Does anybody here use one, and if so, how do you like it?

Wireless is easier to install but before spending money.. Make sure you don't already have one installed

Most modern motor homes come with one already

Wired works better but routing the cable is a .....  Job
It's a class C, and there isn't one installed.  :'(

I figured running the cable would be a PITA, but if it works better I just may go that route.
Ok, with wireless you have to have a power source to the camera, There are, of course, two options (Battery or vehicle power) now with battery power you have a never ending hunger which must be fed, you park the rig for a bit too long and forget to remove the batteries, and the camera is toast.  If you decide on vehcile power, you might as well run a video cable next to the power cable (Espically since wired cameras have the cables bundled together in the same jacket) and not worry about interference to the signal from other vehicles, wireless devices radios and the like.

Just one thing to remember: I had some body work done on my coach after an idiot smacked the side of it driving down the road (I was parked at the time)  When I picked it up the back up camera was not working at all.. Well, I got to a "Stop" (A Meijer's store) and as I was returning to the rig I looked at the camera, climbed up oh the tow hitch and removed the masking tape from the lense
It sounds like a hard wired system would be better. I'll start looking at some to see what I can find. Thanks for all the help.
Groundhog, if you are still shopping, try RV Cams. The business specializes only in camera systems for RVs. Contact Tim through email or by phone. He has been extremely helpful and is a warehouse of good information.
Groundhog said:
We are picking up the new MH this saturday, and I would really like to get a backup camera system for it. I've been thinking about getting one of the wireless systems, but I'm not sure how good they work. Does anybody here use one, and if so, how do you like it?


I can't tell you what monitors are good except the one I have. It's a Sony but it came with the coach. I have not seen a better picture on any even though it's B&W.

I wouldn't want a coach without a backup monitor. Actually, I think that's a misnomer. My monitor is on all the time. It greatly enhances the view around you especially when traveling down the road. Whenever I pass a vehicle on the highway it is difficult to know when I am sufficiently past it to pull back in. By looking at the monitor I see that vehicle fall behind and know my toad is clear and can pull back in. Between the monitor and the mirrors I feel I have the best information possible without having additional cameras on both sides. You will find out that without the monitor you will not be able to see your toad unless you are making a turn.

If you do get one be sure to find a spot to mount it with the least amount of sun interference. I had one mounted in the dash and the sun would sometimes obscure the view. I've had others, including the one I have now, that are mounted below the overhead cabinets approximately where the rear view mirror would be in most vehicles. I find that the most logical location with the least amount of interference.
Thanks for ll the help. Here is the one I bought. I should receive it by the begining of next week.

This complete system includes the following components:

High Resolution COLOR CCD Video Camera w/ 28 Built-In Infrared Illuminators & Microphone
High Resolution 7.2" COLOR TFT-LCD Wide Screen Digital Video Monitor w/ Built-In Speaker, THREE Camera Selection w/ Auxiliary Audio & Video Inputs
Full Function Wireless Remote Control
65 Foot Power/Video/Audio Cable w/ Weatherproof? Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Aircraft Grade Connectors
Flat Surface / In-Dash & Universal Adjustable Monitor Mounts
Monitor Can Be Mounted on the Dashboard, Sun Visor, Center Console, Windshield, Hung From the Ceiling, or Almost Anywhere Else
Adjustable Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Camera Bracket
Main Power Wiring Harness w/ Choice of Hard-Wired & Lighter Plug Installations (both included)
RCA Video & Audio Inputs For Use with DVD / VCR, Video Game, or Other Equipment
Miscellaneous Cables, Mounting Brackets & Hardware
User Manual w/ Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation Instructions

This is a complete commercial grade COLOR backup camera system that provides high quality video necessary for safe backing of virtually any type of vehicle, including recreational vehicles, trucks, vans, trailers, etc.? You will not find a higher quality COLOR backup camera system offered anywhere at this incredibly low price.? The COLOR camera and digital monitor can be wired to turn on automatically when you place the transmission in reverse, or any time the ignition is running, and can be switched on manually at any time using the front panel power button or wireless remote control.


Highest quality COLOR CCD video camera available
Highest resolution 1/3" Sharp? CCD image sensor
110 degree wide angle precision micro lens
Selectable on / off 'mirror image' function
28 high intensity infrared night vision illuminators
Night vision range up to 50 feet in total darkness
Aircraft grade stainless steel weatherproof connectors
420 lines resolution (512 x 492 pixels)
1 inch to infinity fixed focal range
Built-in high gain microphone
6.8 G-force rated shock resistant
Heavy duty adjustable powder coated steel mounting bracket
Silver weatherproof powder coated steel camera enclosure
Dimensions:? 3.75" (w) x 2.0" (h) x 3.0" (d)? (not including bracket)


Highest quality 7.2" COLOR TFT-LCD wide screen digital video monitor
Shock resistant, designed specifically for mobile use
Super sharp picture with 1440 (h) x 234 (v) resolution
4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio selectable from monitor or remote
0.107 (h) x 0.372 (v) dot pitch, 150:1 contrast, 300cd/m2 brightness
15? (up), 35? (down), 55? (left/right) maximum viewable monitor offset
3 camera selection (one camera is included - additional cameras are available below)
Includes flat surface / in-dash and adjustable universal mounts
Optional windshield suction mount (see available options below)
Screen tilts up/down for more versatile viewing options
Selectable (on / off) horizontal? 'mirror image' function
Selectable (up / down) vertical? 'image flip' function
Front panel controls with on-screen menu
Full function wireless remote control
Additional RCA inputs for audio / video equipment
Black high impact monitor enclosure
Built-in speaker and earphones included
Dimensions:? 7" (w) x 4.6" (h) x 1" (d)
Note:? If the included surface / in-dash mount is used, the monitor's approximate overall dimensions are 7.9" (w) x 5.2" (h) x 1.3" (d).

Electrical & Hardware:

Includes 65 feet of heavy duty weatherproof cable with aircraft grade stainless steel weatherproof connectors
Heavy-duty powder coated steel camera mounting bracket
Flat surface / in dash and universal monitor mounts
Internal voltage regulator to provide a steady, constant source of power from the varying voltages of any 12 volt powered vehicle
An optional external control box permits this system to be operated on virtually any commercial or military vehicle (including 24 and 32 volt powered vehicles - see options below)
With RCA video and audio inputs, and a full function wireless remote control, you can also use this monitor with DVD's, VCR's, video games, or virtually any other video / audio equipment
The monitor includes inputs for up to TWO additional cameras - perfect for use as a hitch camera (to assist with hitching up) and/or for monitoring the interior and/or exterior of a towed vehicle


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What's the make, modeland price and where are you buying it?
Not really a good back up camera  but for other uses Micro Centers (There is one at 14 mile and I-75 in S.E. Michigan) has a little DIY color camera for 10 bucks after rebates

I can think of a lot of uses  but I'd need an excuse to go to 14mile & 75 and not one of my uses are worth that much gas
Ned said:
What's the make, modeland price and where are you buying it?

There is no name brand on it, but it uses the same monitor, camera, wiring, and mounting hardware as the "ZONE DEFENSE (SYSTEM 23)" from Powerlinx, which sells for $725.90. I paid $275 including shipping on ebay (brand new unit). I can give you a link if you want it.
I installed that very same system and it gets a big thumbs up for the price.  My install was a 33' Holiday Rambler with no existing camera wiring anywhere.  Total install time for a "clean" install was about 5 hours. 
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