Battery and Coverter wiring

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Dec 30, 2017
I have a very old 1977 Champion MH that I am restoring.  I am not quite sure how the converter box works with a house battery.  I understand how to wire it to 120 volt and the DC wiring leads.  It also has a battery toggle.  The MH only has one battery and no generator.  If I ad a house battery is it possible to wire an inverter between the battery and the converter?  I saw in some diagrams they show an inline inverter.  That is what I would like to have happen.  I have a small 110 fridge that only draws 180 watts.  I have no issue with wiring in the inverter separately but I was confused with the diagrams showing the inline inverter.  Any help would be appreciated.  It would be nice to just hit the battery toggle when I am driving and have all the 110 outlets power be supplied by the inverter fed line.  I don't think I said this right but I hope you get the idea. ;D
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