Battery disconnect switch

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Larry Howard

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Jul 1, 2018
A Newbie here.  The battery on/off switch mounted near the battery and under the tongue.  The face plate shows an ?ON? position and an ?OFF? position but I do not know when I turn the red key if it is pointing in the ?ON? or ?OFF? position since there is no indication on the red key (at least that I can see).  Sounds strange I know but the red key is oblong in shape and I can?t tell where the key is positioned.  And, the battery is dead.  Seems as though even if the red key is in the ?ON? or ?OFF? position the tow vehicle should be charging the battery.


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May 14, 2013
I went thru two of those cheap "red key" switches in one summer.  They corrode inside and fail to connect.  Do yourself a favor and install a quality switch like a Blue Sea.  As for the direction to turn it on, simply turn on an outside light with the battery somewhat charged and on will be the position where the light comes on, and then mark it.  Just so you know, the tow vehicle will be a poor way of charging the battery and if it does it will take a very long time.


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Feb 3, 2016
the 'ville
use a multimeter and if if reads 13+v when hooked up to 110v it be on if your converter is working to charge the batt
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