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Sep 23, 2006
My wife and I bought a used DP about six weeks ago. Between the wife's and my schedules we decided, with regret, to winterize and store the MH for the year.  I have a couple of questions.  Do I need to disconnect (shut-off switch) the batteries when my MH is in storage if I have a solar panel?  Is it better to dump air while the coach is in storage?  Can I store for the winter on uneven ground/driveway with the hydraulic jacks leveling the coach?

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Jan 13, 2005
You'll have two sets of batteries on your coach - the chassis battery(ies) and the house batteries. I suspect the solar panel is charging the house batteries. We've found that phantom loads will run down both the chassis batteries and the house batteries, so I always turn off the battery switches when in storage. In your case, you could turn off only the chassis batteries or also the house batteries.

I don't normally dump air before putting the coach in storage, although many folks do. Over time, the air bleeds off anyway, so it doesn't really seem to matter if I dump air or not.

If you don't plan on leaving the refridgerator on, it probably doesn't make much difference if you use the jacks to level the coach or not.

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