Bedroom television removal Winnebago Sightseer 36v

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Jul 10, 2018
I have a 2011 Sightseer 36v with a 26" tv in the bedroom.  Would like to change it out to something larger that could also accommodate headphone usage. Has anyone changed out their tv or anyone have any tips?  Thanks much in advance for any replies.
I changed mine out a while back and went with a Roku style TV.  I used the mounting bracket below as it easily allowed me to screw back into the steel studs that the factory used for the previous model.

I would highly recommend spanning two steel studs.  My poor memory says they are about 11 inches apart.

For headset connectivity, I prefer BlueTooth types.  I use the box below as it allows connection to the fiber optic connection to the TV.  With this device volume control is independent.  I can control the volume separately with the headset.
Thank you for the reply.  I was primarily concerned about removing the television as I can't see behind it to see how it's attached to the wall.  As an aside,I have a few Vizio tvs with headphones at home which works well for us - wife has her volume on the tv speakers and I have mine on the headphones.
It's been a while since I changed out the bedroom TV.  If memory serves me correctly, there are two bolts along the bottom behind the TV.  If you loosen these bolts, the TV can be lifted vertically over the upper "cradle" or V notch.  Once the TV is off the mount you'll be able to back out the screws holding it to the studs.

I replaced the 40 inch TV in the main salon and it was a similar mounting system, albeit more robust.
Thank you very much for the tip.  Also, were you able to go to a 43" or even a 50" in the living room?
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