Best Route Around Washington, DC

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Sep 29, 2005
We are about to go on our big summer trip, part of which will be taking us from Stafford (Aquia Pines Camp Resort) to my parent's place in Port Deposit, MD which is north of Baltimore.  I already know about taking I-695 around Baltimore to avoid taking propane through the tunnels.  My concern, however, is getting through DC.  I see that the Woodrow-Wilson Bridge is going to be in the middle of changing from the old bridge to the new one for the next couple of weeks, and the prediction is for horrendous traffic.  Any suggestions for hauling a good sized fifth wheel with propane through/past DC?  Thanks!


N Smock

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Mar 9, 2005
Long Branch, NJ
Travel around DC is always bad. If I go South I will go the Eastern shore. Last time I came up from Fl. it would be 7PM on a Sunday night that I would hit DC so at the decision point Eastern shore or DC I went with DC since the traffic was soooo light. Well by the time I got to DC it only confirmed thatI will never got there again, the bridge was open shutting down 95. A quick peek at the map shows that US 301 may be an alternative, though I did not check the truck atlas.

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