Big Horn Mountains - Sibley Lake Wyoming

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Jun 12, 2017
We had an amazing 4 days (sad that it wasn't longer) at Sibley Lake Wyoming.  It's a forest service campground with electric hookups.  I feel like a snob that living in MT I've overlooked Wyoming all these years.  We went into the Big Horns from the East end - Dayton, WY.  Dayton is at 3900 feet elevation and Sibley Lake is at 7900 feet and I think we clocked it at 18 miles of a lot of switchbacks.  It's an 8% grade, but there are plenty of pullouts and the highway is in very good condition.  If you come from the West side it would be a 10% grade!

The lake itself is restricted to non-motorized boats.  The fishing was poor as it seems to be stocked with fingerlings.  The area has amazing scenery. We took drives to Shell Falls on 14 and the Medicine Wheel on 14A.  I was blown away!

The campground was really well taken care of and clean.  The host couple were very friendly.  We're trying to figure out when we can go back!
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