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Mar 26, 2013
I am a boater I work for a house boat company so I can house boat 3+ times per year. My q is about potty and tanks.

On house boats you can only use certain type tp because the toilet grinds the waste and Charmin kills the engine that grinds up....

Now the tanks fresh, grey, black??? Fresh= drinking water, grey toilet water and black poo water???

Some one said no blue chemicals in black? Why? I was told you must to break down stuff do you don't get a clogged stinky line? Just a bit confused
Fresh= drinking water, grey toilet water and black poo water???

Almost right. Fresh = what comes out of faucets and showers, and also used to flush toilets (same as on our boat). Grey = water from sinks (including galley) snd shower.

Meanwhile, check the Waste systems section of our Library (button n the toolbar above).
Most RVs do not use a macerator type toilet, but some models have a built in macerator pump to drain the waste tanks and some have a macerator toilet in the rear bath. Generally, though, they can handle regular toilet papers as long as you avoid types that are heavily quilted or more than two ply.  The usual toilet "don'ts" you are familiar with in the houseboat still apply, though. No paper towels, tampons, etc.

Chemicals are an never-ending subject among RVers but are certainly not a necessity to digest or break down anything. The natural bacteria in the waste do a good job of that. Some people use chemicals to aid in odor control, but many of us find that unnecessary as well.
Most single ply TP will be fine. You can test the suitability by placing three sheets in a mason jar half full of water. Shake it up for about five seconds. If the TP breaks apart easily the it will be fine for RV use.
When we first started we used chemicals in the black tank but have come to the realization that as long as you do a good job of flushing the black tank each time you empty that is is really not necessary. At least so far.
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