Black Water Rinsing

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Nov 15, 2012
I currently rinse my black water tank with a wand through the toilet. I have to pull a hose through the window of the bunk house. I was wondering if I could buy an adapter for my bath/shower wand to convert to a standard hose connection. This way I have more control of on/off, I could use hot water, and no more dragging hoses over the bed. Has anyone tried this, or have a similar solution?
There are products you can install from the outside, below is something from Camping World for $25. Even cheaper at Amazon with 80% 5 star reviews and 20% 4 star reviews.

There is no way I would drag something from my black tank across a bed I expected a human (or dog/cat) to sleep on.  I'm sure the wand goes out the door, but even the hose is gross.

Short answer: YES.

The standard "Telepone type" shower head (hand held) has a 1/2 inch Male Iron pipe thread

You will need the proper garden hose adapter from most any hardware including Lowes and Home depot.  You may also need a 1/2 inch nipple deending on the adapters they have in stock.

Many of the garden hose adapters are dual size, they have one half inch INTERNAL threads (Take the nipple) and 3/4 outer,  In this case you need only the nipple and the adapter.

I have such an adapter in my wet bay.
I am doing the same thing with a flexible hose with a rotating head through the bathroom window. Yes it would be possible to get the water from your sink or your shower. However I am not going to do that. I think that coming directly off the hose bib gives me a lot more water pressure.
I use this to fill through the toilet from the sink.  However, you would get more pressure from the hose bib outside.

I also saw a plug that sits in the toilet opening to allow filling without having to hold down the flush mechanism. Don't remember what it was named.
Check out the Flush King.  No hose from the shower/faucet needed!  No messy wand to drip, store, etc.  I'm absolutely loving mine.  I know when the tank is running clear and clean.  camping world and others has them.
I've used one and would like to be able to connect to the hot water which probably would clean better.  Don't know if there'd be enough pressure if I connected to the trailer water and don't feel like hooking up to the wash tub in the house.  My toilet is directly across from the entrance door so access is pretty easy.  I've only done it a few times and the tank continued to read 1/4 to 1/2 full so it's not very effective.  Now I simply estimate how full the tank is. 
Another plus with the Flush King is using the grey water to flush with soapy water the black tank like the macerators do.
I've seen them at WalMart here and wondered if they really worth the effort? But I guess they aren't all the bad if you guys are speaking up for them.
It all depends on the degree of your black tank fetish. Some seem fascinated by the effluent and spend beau-coup time & money inspecting and improving the color of their, uh, waste, while others just pull the handle and get on with the job.
I rinse our black tank more to see that the hose is cleaned out than to clean the tank itself.  The tank is just going to get filled up again.
Now for both of you that are big time users of your RV or full times yes I can see just dumping and moving on. But someone like myself that use the RV and then brings it home to sit for the winter its nice not having a clump of solid waste drying out all winter long. Little bit of difference.
Obviously you don't want clumps of solids or even paper in the tank, but that's why we advise to dump only when the tank is near-full and to put some water in the tank after dumping. Extended or repeated rinsing isn't going to remove anything that might qualify as a "clump" - only refilling the tank with more water and dumping again has much chance of carrying away any actual clumps. Better yet, refill and let it sit a day or two, to let clumps dissolve and the natural bacteria do their job. Adding an enzyme booster can also help the waste digestion process.
If you dump you black water first, then the grey you hose will be cleaned with the grey water....
this reminds me of a youtube video I saw a link for..... I think it was on this forum..... I found it interesting.  Being a scaled model test, not truly exacting for real world, but interesting.....anyway here it is again.....
(I hope this is the right one)
Plenty of water with every flush. I can see my tank in daylight with basement open. When it's empty there is nothing down there. It's the grey that stinks.

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