blowing slide out fuses

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Jan 16, 2013
Just bought a Rockwood 2013  2902 ss.  We absolutely love it but, we have yet to use it and we keep blowing the slide out fuse...Has anyone else have this problem??? Any solutions???  It is a pain to have to crawl under the tongue to replace the blown fuse.
Well, first off, a 2013??  can you take it in for warranty?  If not, on most slides there is a wiring harness that is connected to a plastic casing to support the wiring as it moves in and out.  Check that it is not being pinched anywhere.  Also, the slides are obviously heavy.  While trying to operate them do you have the trailer plugged into shor power?  If not and you are only using battery power be sure you have enough juice in the batteries.  Other than that, unscrew the switch from the wall and check the connections on the rear side.  Hope that helps
yes, we have an extended warranty for 4 years and I will take it in after the fall camping season to be checked out.  It is plugged in and getting good juice to the camper.  It only seems to happen when we are pulling the slide back in and when it is just about there, it blows.  It has only happen twice, the first time it happened I called the dealer where I bought it, and he told me the cold weather could be playing a factor in blowing the fuse.  Thanks for your help.
I dont think I buy the cold weather answer from the seller.  You said it only happens when the slide is almost all the way in.  At that point is when the heaviest load is being utilized on the slide motor.  That would make sense.  most slide motors kind of click when they are all the way in or out to indicate that they cant go any further.  Does your motor click or what does it do if you hold the switch down when the slide is done moving in or out?  This may sound to easy but have you checked to make sure you are using the proper size fuse??
In most slide-out systems the motor is supposed to stop before it overloads the circuit, so you may have a defective motor control.  I'm not sure what brand of slide system is used in your, though. At one time there were a few that had limit switches that turned the power off, as opposed to the motor controller itself sensing the excessive load.

Since this is a 2013, it should be under factory warranty. I'd let the dealer worry about the specific cause. And I would get it into the dealer now rather than later.
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