Bluebird makes its 400 th Electric School bus.

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Apr 19, 2015
I think it’s kind of interesting watching this segment developing electric busses. These are obviously short range affairs 190 kilometers or so. And obviously not that big of a battery as they mention level 2 AC charging of 8 hours overnight. My guess is they are probably using an 80 amp EVSE which would suggest about a 120 to 140 KWH pack. Some guessing here on my part. Still. Triple or quadruple the pack size and you have the makings of a Motorhome. I don’t the demand is there yet but still. Maybe down the road. Kinda interesting to follow the technology
Heres the article. Enjoy.

Blue Bird Delivers Its 400th Electric School Bus


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Apr 21, 2013
Morris, IL.
i will be done motorhoming when I'm demanded to go electric, sitting in a traffic jam in 95 degree weather with the ac's on waiting for the batteries to run out. LOL
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