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Dec 30, 2011
I'm trying to find a good Bluetooth device that I can have installed/connected to the Jensen radio speakers in my Vista, so that I can receive and hear phone calls to my cell phone when driving.  In my car the bluetooth automatically mutes the radio and puts the call thru the speakers. 

I don't want an ear piece bluetooth thingee.  The Blueant device i have isn't loud enough for me to hear when driving.  Suggestions?  I've been reading about a Jabra but not sure it will work.  The Bluetooth Kit Jensen puts out won't work with my model radio.


Don Dom
2012 Vista 26P
A Garmin bluetooth GPS is not exactly what you are looking for but it does allow hands free talking and receiving calls.
Here is one example I have used and it worked well at that time:

A Motorola T 505 model hands free unit will receive your bluetooth cell phone signals and broadcast them either on the built-in speaker or broadcast them on one of several FM radio signal frequencies. You simply tune your car FM radio to the chosen frequency and the cell phone signal will be then be broadcast over the car's regular stereo system.

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