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Oct 1, 2012
Just saying hi been browsing for awhile.

Have a 285 colorado bunk house 5er. We boondock pretty much every weekend from April to October up at the lake (135 miles from home).  Mostly fish walleye, lake trout, and king salmon on Ft. Peck Lake up here in Montana. Leave the camper up at the lake only pulling it up in the spring and back in the fall. Mostly my oldest boy (12 years old) and me. He loves fishing and hunting its all he lives for and one heck of a partner to have :). The youngest boy and mom make it up maybe two three w/e a summer. They're more city mice then me and my oldest.

This forum has already got some projects going. Awesome info guys and gals.

Mods : 1) removed dinnett booth and sleeper loveseat put in free standing table and two recliners
          2) built a locking box that fits in rear receiver hitch that fits two 2000 Honda generators on slide tray
          3) installed led flat screen TVs

future mods : installing inverter so don't have to run generators to watch evening TV before going to bed
                    leaning towards putting in allure ultra flooring to replace cracked stock flooring (Montana winters hard on the linoleum)

be looking for some good advice and hope to give a little
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