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Apr 14, 2019
Home is in Henderson, Nevada
We plan on boondocking with our Class C mostly here in Nevada. We understand that gas mileage can be saved by traveling with an empty fresh water tank. Is the savings significant, or really not worth the stress of finding water closer to your intended camp site?

How difficult is it to find water when not staying in an RV park? Is there an "app" for that like there is for propane?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and experience on this. ?
I doubt if most owners would notice the savings of an empty water tank. For very small rigs, a difference of a few hundred lbs (water is 8 lb/gal) might have sme effect, but removing 400 lbs from a 14,000 lb coach is a tiny difference at best.  Weight makes essentially zero difference when traveling on the level anyway - it costs fuel only when you have to haul it up a hill.

Places to obtain fresh potable water are increasingly rare and are pretty scarce in some regions. I'm not familiar enough with Nevada to advise on that.

Many dump stations also have potable water available, so the dump apps or websites are one source of info.
This article may help:
  I really think that any savings by those that promote such, is purely imaginary! That aside, traveling with water can be very useful on many fronts. Plus, as Gary mentioned.....having guaranteed potable water from a known priceless! 
X3. Fill the tank, you'll never notice the difference, and it will be one less thing to think about
Just as I suspected...thank you everyone. Less to think about on the road.
I dont think I even thought about how a couple hundred pounds of water really wouldn't be much on the 14,000 plus vehicle to begin with. Makes perfect sense.
Thank you!!

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