Brake Buddy Problem

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Jim Johnson

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Mar 4, 2005
Newton, AL
Others may be aware of this problem but in case you are not - - -my brake buddy is wired directly to the battery and fused there with 15a fuse.  On our trip north I blew that fuse and  found that the male 12v plug on the Brake Buddy had overheated.  I assumed the plug was bad and had it replaced.  Same thing happened.  I called Brake Buddy and they said that it was my car battery.  They said that if the battery was not capable of a full 15a of power it would cause this problem.  I had not had a problem with the battery, never exhibited any sysmptoms of being bad or low.  Had an amp load test done on the battery and sure enough, it was weak.    Problem solved.


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Feb 1, 2005
Last week we had been towing the Honda for 4 days without using it, just running it for a few minutes each morning before heading out.  The last day, the car started slowly, as the battery was down some, and after that the Apollo brake system had no power.  After a query to Blue Ox about fuses, their reply was that there was a 10A fuse in the power plug and upon checking it, found it had blown.  When the voltage drops, the current draw goes up and exceeds the fuse rating.
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