Bridge Closure US50 near Gunnison CO

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The TV news last night said it's a 7 hour detour- I've not checked it directly, though. But just like so many other areas in the Rockies, there are few paths of any sort from many places to many other places, and detours tend to be lengthy.

Edit: I see the article shows two detours, one about 6 hours and one about 7 hours.

While we mention detours, there's enough rain and snow over the last several days in Colorado that I suspect many areas are ripe for rock slides and avalanches to close some roads over the next month or two -- this isn't official, just my suspicion based on past experience -- so it might be prudent to keep a close eye on COtrip (CO DOT's website for road status): COtrip Traveler Information

which has a Traveler alert when you arrive on the page:

Travel Alert | US-50 Closed west of Gunnison (near Sapinero)​

US-50 Closed from mile marker 136 to mile marker 148 over Blue Mesa reservoir for emergency bridge work on Middle Bridge West of Gunnison.
County Road 26 IS NOT open for detouring around the closure.
This is a likely a long term closure event plan accordingly.
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