Bruce P Checking in. What a shock!

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Bruce Patterson

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Apr 10, 2005
Some where on the Third Planet from Sol, Milky Way
Hey guys!

What on earth happened? I suddenly posted a message on the boards after a little bit of absence and I get a reply from Ned via email that all of you guys? have abandoned CompuServe!? I find out that after 10 years, I?m now a ?newbie!?

What a shock!? I find out if I had waited one more week, the RV forum on CompuServe would have disappeared without a trace and I would have lost my framily!? Holy Cow!? No notice on the forum home page or message boards, just poooooof! And everyone?s gone.? I wonder how many other lost souls are out there that won?t find this place before the other one disappears? I tried leaving some bread crumbs behind me on my way over here, but I think the ducks ate them!

Anyway, to catch up on my latest escapades, well I started a new business, opened a cybercafe, and I?m planning a wedding.? Anybody wanna come?? No problem, but I can?t pay for your travel.? It will be in Manaus on July 8th. Come one, come all!

For more details see:?

Oh yes, I forgot to say, I didn?t quit my day job.? We recently finished building a control tower in Roanoke VA, and next fall, will be starting a new one at Washington Dulles.?

One question?. Does this switch in software mean we can start using Tapcis again? <rofl>

In all seriousness, I?m setting up some forums that will work with Virtual Access.? Remember that?? Also works with MS Outlook and other newsreaders.? The software isn?t installed yet, but check it out at I?ll be sure and put a link to this new forum location there and on my other web pages.

I've got  a new Nikon D70 and I'm taking pictures again, I'll try to upload some in the near future.  Still enjoying my F450 and my King of the Road 5th wheel.  I'm currently in Dixie Caverns RV park in Salem, VA.

See you in the funny papers!

The same old Bruce
Welcome Bruce.  We are glad you did find us.  Some of us included the link to with our signatures and if you click on enter the RV Forum from there you get here.

Glad you made over.  Sounds like you got big plans Either I missed or you didn't mention where the new business will be located.

Congratulations on the upcoming marriage.
? Ron

Thanks for the welcome.

I think what you may have missed is the following link that tells you all about the new business located in Manaus, Brazil:

The business has two websites at


If you still have questions, let me know!



Welcome to our new home. We haven't seen you around either the old or the new forum in a long time. Not sure what crumbs you think the ducks ate, but your message is still there. Unless you posted something that was removed by CS, certainly not by me.

BTW anyone can find this place by doing a Google search.
What can I say.  For some reason I was thinking you also had a place in the U.S.  Best of luck in you new business venture.

I guess we can't reply to individuals here, so I'll reply to the thread.  Tom, I was joking about the bread crumbs, just surprised I didn't see an announcement in the CS forum about the move and the closure of that one, that's all.

To Ron, most of the people who know me know that I've been going to Brazil for 5 years now and have a goal of having a business there, but for those who don't know that, I thought the newsletter would make that clear.  Sorry about that.

My main product is the DirecWay service by Hughes, but it is the industrial size.  Far too expensive for private individuals.  The antennas I'm using now are round and they are 1.2 meters in diameter. I'm using a 1 W transmitter. If I can figure out how, I'll attach a picture of our office and a closeup of the antenna.  I sell service at 400 kbps, 700 kbps, and 1 mbps, also sell Voice over IP telephones.  Our first Broadband customer (signed up this last week) is loacted 6 days from Manaus by boat.  I'm plopping these VSATS in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest!


I tried the attachments, but they exceeded the size so I gave up. I'll figure out some other way to show them. They are both about 17 mb each and this forum only allows 256k!

Yep I knew you had interests in Brazil and had plans for marriage.  Having not seen you on the forum for a long time I suspected you were spening more time in Brazil.  It was there in the link you provided I just didn't pick up on it. 
Try resizing your photos Bruce. We have no need for 17MB photos here - way too big for folks to download.

I reduced one to 80x600 pixels, and it is still 1.4 mb.? If I go much smaller, you won't be able to see the details.? Maybe screensize makes a difference.? My screen is 1600x1200. The messages you and Ron are typing are so small, I have a hard time reading them even with glasses!

Well Bruce, the messages you are typing are so large I'm having to reduce the font size before I read them  ;D

What is your screen resolution?? I think that's what makes the difference.? The menu here jumps from point size ten to fourteen, this is 10, I wonder if I could hard code it at 12?

I'm trying this with point size 12 using hard coding.

Using preview, I can see that that works. Even 10 isn't too bad, but your type looks like it is about 4 or 6 on my screen.

I wasn't kidding Ron!

Bruce, my screen resolution is 1024x768 on a 15" laptop screen. I can change font size easily with Firefox, but your messages are the only ones I've had to reduce in order to read. Is there maybe a clue there?  ;D
OK guys, I've got it figured out.  DUH, I should have figured out the wheel.  First I was posting at 14, then 10 becasue there was nothing in between. My screen resolution is 1600 x 1200 on a 21" LCD.  Seriously, your guys fonts were so small I need a magnifying glass (almost). But the wheel fixed it.  I was looking for some setting in the profile like they have in the P*****o software. I do miss the HTML feature, and this software doesn't let you reply to an individual, it replies to the thread.

No reason to miss the html Bruce. This forum uses BBC code, which is essentially a simplified html, pretty standard on most forums. Meanwhile, don't knock the format until you've had a chance to use it a while. It kinda grows on you  :)

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