Bunk area modification Jayco 26BH

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May 13, 2010
Colonie, NY (Near Albany)
Never had anyone sleep on our bunks, so we decided to make it into a storage and seating area. Under the bottom bunk is the water heater and mini fridge. Against the rear wall is the water heater plumbing and hot/cold drain valves. I had already made a protective cover for the drain valves so they wouldn't get bumped open. Bottom bunk was easy, removed the hatch, removed the plywood, modified the framing, installed the plywood and lip, done. Top bunk was a different story. I knew if I removed the underside panels I would damage it. So I cut the bunk in place. Two cuts on the panels, top and bottom, then removed the studs. Made a new front piece by cutting lap joints in place. Quite a workout for my oscillating saw and router. Installed a lip on the shelf fronts. Painted some screws white, used them to fill in the holes on the wall for the removed bunk braces. Now I want to find a cargo net for holding things in place while moving. Last picture is an additional brace for the top shelf. Painted all the wood white. Going to have to figure out a new magnetic door stop for the bathroom door.
I hope this helps others in mods like this.

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