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Jan 3, 2007
I am looking to buy my first Travel Trailer - graduating from a very small pop up. Any advice would be appreciated. I am just starting to look and want to get something with a quad bunk set up. So far I have looked at the Gulfstream Conquest, Pilgrim, Coachman and Jayco models.

I also came across a web site called RV Price Busters that seemed to have some good deals. Has anyone heard of or dealt with them?


John :D

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
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Welcome, John. I don't have any experience in the type of trailer you are looking for, but somebody here probably does. Also never heard of RV Price Busters, but in general such places are more hype than results. Doesn't hurt to inquire with them, though. Just treat everything they say or do with a healthy dose of skepticism. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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Jul 1, 2006
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jcarven said:
I also came across a web site called RV Price Busters that seemed to have some good deals. Has anyone heard of or dealt with them?

Hey John, you will love this forum and all the great folks here!  Just for the record, I checked out that RV Price Busters site and it looks to be an online quoting system.  Kinda similar to for car & home insurance comparisons, or for flights & hotels.  Probably not a bad idea to run a few quotes (if they are free), for comparison purposes... but remember only YOU can find the best deal with a good deal of research and a little haggling when the time comes.  ;)

Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
Welcome to the forum John. 

Right now your best move is footwork.  Nail down the trailer  weight you can pull with your tow vehicle.  Do that first.  With number in hand start doing the rounds of RV shows and dealers lots looking for trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating less that that and with floor plans that make you happy.  Once you have nailed down a number of models and floor plans you can live with, start getting quotes.    Remember you are looking to get quotes from salesmen, not advice, especially advice on what you can pull -- that seems unversally to be BS.


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Jan 15, 2007
Cannonfalls Campground, Minnesota
Here's my buying advice
1.  how much can you pull... comfortably?  Don't max your tow vehicle out.
2.  how much bed space do you need?
3.  save yourself the driving around and dealing with a salesperson time by shopping the different RV manufacturers floor plans online
4.  if NEW fits your budget checkout RVWHOLESALERS.COM for pricing.
5.  remember the dealer has to make a profit.  My figures maybe off but this is how it worked out for me...

          take the MSRP times .68 plus $1500 for the delivery, PDI, and filling the LP tanks.

IE:  MSRP $25,000 X .68 = $17,000 + $1,500 = $18,500 +TTL
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