Camco 59123 extend stay

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Jun 30, 2014
Zimmerman MN
I would like to install this adapter on my motorhome so that I can use my onboard tank for my barbecue grill and camp stove. Camco does not make any sort of a tee at the end of the 12 foot hose to facilitate feeding both the grill and the stove. Does anyone else make an accessory like this or have you figured out how to DIY it?

Oscar Mike

Check Amazon, I did and they have a whole boatload of Tees for RV applications.

Triple Slide Jayco

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Mar 17, 2017
I gave up on the tee and adapter blah blah and just ran my own line from the front of my tt to the rear. It comes out at one of the tanks in the front and I gave an extra 10 feet or so in the rear to hook up to my fire ring or grill. I put a regular gas shut off in the rear and it works great. You can buy the gas line from companies online who supply it. Shut-offs from home depot.
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