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Feb 18, 2013
Hey everyone:

My name is Guy. New to the camping world.

I really prefer 'simple living' (w/o all the stuff in daily living) and am zero-ing in on a fairly good size truck camper to live in. Which means that I will need a compatible heavy duty truck. May even consider a camping trailer to tow along. My point is to live in it freely and feel free to get up and move on to the next location if I want to.

Being new here (and in the world of campers) I am asking if I can get a little feedback from you on makes, models, size (for two people) and most efficient as well as responsibility of care for such a system. For example wood frame over aluminum? Two batteries  or more? Any back-ups for emergency? What is mostly needed for safety? And so on. I am currently looking at the 'travellite' models who claim to weigh half the weight of most traditionals out there on the road now. Any suggestions on how to get started please.

Thanks so much.

A good place to start is to visit an RV show in your area. There will be many different models and sizes and you can get a feel for what would fit your needs, as well as price. 

As for your personal needs, only you and your partner can decide that.
I second the RV show recommendation. When we were thinking about buying one, we went to the show to figure out what we wanted.  We discovered that a 24' was our ideal length, but that some of them did not have big enough freezer space for the cross-country trips we wanted to plan. We also didn't realize, before attending the show, that a small tub would be nice to have with small children.  These are things we didn't even think about before attending the show.  We also found our ideal layout: A queen bed up front with bunks for the boys in the back.  We also preferred an open floor plan that didn't use a wall to block off the queen bed; it just made it seem more spacious inside.

This wish list made shopping online much easier - a necessity for a busy working mom.  We narrowed down our search and kept to it.  Finally, we came across a used 2008 Coachmen. It is 30' (a little longer than we originally wanted), but it is super clean and provides all of the features (and then some) that we had on our wish list.

Good luck and happy hunting!
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