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Conquest aka Robert

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Apr 24, 2011
We are wanting to go see the Arch in St Louis and are wanting to get advice from the been there done that got the t-shirt group. We would be traveling with 6 children for a total of 8 we have NO toad so need to be either real close or access to shuttle service from CG. We would most likley just doing a short weekend Fri arrive leave Sun. Spend the day Sat. doing the tourist thing. The problem we seem to find is CG's want to charge almost double for families over 4 in size. :'( This is somewhat understable but really can it increase their cost that much to add extra children. ::)
Have you tried Jellystone? Here's the link. It is west of town and unfortunately inconvenient for visiting the arch. You can ask if there is a tour or shuttle bus. It is near Six Flags though!
We stayed at the casino campground, right on the river.  It was reasonable and they have a shuttle that takes you to the casino.  Then you access the mass transit system from there and can go anywhere you want.  The station is in the casino entrance.    Get a day pass and you can hop on  and off the train wherever you want to see something.  Including the arch.  Neat city and that's a great way to see it.  You can actually walk from the casino to the campground but they have a free shuttle running 24/7.  Staying at the campground gives you free buffet meal coupons also.  Don't miss the rejuvenated Grand Central Station and the shoppes and restaurants there.  Impressive architecture also.
We stayed at the casino campground across the river from the Arch (Jefferson Expansion National Memorial). Casino security will drive you the short distance to the RT station where you can jump on the train and ride across the river to the first stop which is the stop for the Arch. Couldn't be easier, faster, or cheaper.

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