Canadian Snowbirds, Voting While You're Away

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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
A Federal Election is expected to be called November 28 or 29, 2005 in Canada.? If you are a Canadian snowbird, will be away from Canada at the time of the election? and wish to vote, then here's the procedure.

After the election is called visit the online site of Elections Canada for Snowbirds

Download the pdf file for out of Country registration, send it by fax or email to the number indicated and you will receive a ballot in the mail.? I am told sending by fax (tollfree)? is more reliable.

Here are the guidelines, according to Elections Canada:

Canadians who have reached the age of 18 by polling day and who live in Canada, but who expect to be absent from their electoral districts either in Canada or abroad during an electoral event, may vote by special ballot.

An elector must register as soon as possible by sending Elections Canada an Application for Registration and Special Ballot form. This form can be downloaded from Elections Canada Website .? After selecting English, click on the icon Snowbirds/Voting while away, located under the heading Quick Links on the right side of the home page. From the next page, scroll down the page and you will be able to download both the registration form and the instructions to fill out the form.?

Once the elector's application is received and approved, the name of the elector is added to the National Register of Electors. Elections Canada sends a personalized special ballot voting kit to the elector at the address indicated on the application form.

The elector is responsible for ensuring that Elections Canada in Ottawa receives the ballot no later than 6:00 p.m., Ottawa time, on polling day. The elector may also bring the completed voting kit to the nearest Canadian diplomatic mission or Canadian Forces base, for forwarding to Elections Canada. Please check delivery deadlines in advance.

The ballot must be sent in the envelopes provided. A ballot received by any other means, including fax, will not be counted. The Canada Elections Act also prohibits counting ballots received after the deadline.

You may wish to review information on voting by special ballot on theirWeb site. After selecting English, please click on General Information, which you will find on the right hand side in the top banner of our home page. On the next page, click on Backgrounders, and following that under the heading Information for Electors, click on Voting by Special Ballot. On this page you will find detailed information on voting by special ballot.

Should you need additional information about the Canadian federal electoral system,contact Elections Canada via their Web Site? or by calling 1 800 463-6868, toll-free in Canada and the United States. The hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time).
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