Canopy/portable garage above RV

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Mar 24, 2021
I'm looking to put a canopy over my entire 24' (27' with tongue) Forrest River Sandpiper bumper pull RV. The Arizona sun is brutal and destroys the plastic pieces on the roof and takes a toll on the roof itself just in one summer, with our intense sun and heavy monsoon rain. I have also found that a layer that creates shade on a building greatly increases the need for as much A/C inside the building, so I'm looking at improving the temperature inside the trailer too. And the monsoon rains here are just as brutal as the sun and will worsen any slight leaks that I may not know about. So, I'm looking for a waterproof tarp/canopy/cover of some sort that sits a few feet above the top of the RV. I don't want anything with sides. I know I'll probably have to replace the canopy/tarp/cloth every year, but I'm ok with that. I was looking into buying a portable garage, but most are only 20ft long, and many are too short for an RV. I'm also looking to spend $400 or ideally a lot less. Is this something folks do? Any suggestions on this?


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Apr 9, 2005
Benson - Tucson, AZ. West Yellowstone,MT
I saw a 5th wheel in Benson at the SKP park. Looked sort of like a conestoga wagon, ribs holding the cover over the roof. We had lots of wind and it managed to stay and the owner told me it was not that difficult to remove or put up. Sorry I don't have the name for it, but I'll look around.


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Jun 5, 2012
Here is an inexpensive solution.

For about $100 apiece you can buy a 10 by 20 portable canopy from Harbor Freight.

Put two of them together and you have 40 feet. You will need to find some extension pipes or poles to make it high enough to park your TT under.

I have often used two of them together when staying somewhere for more than a few days.

I did not use them over the rig but with additional height I can see you doing that, (check the width to be sure if you want to use a slideout).

Any canopy used for long term use in Az will get torn up eventually.


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May 4, 2021
Cochise Stronghold... or damned near it.
Yesiree, that Arizona sun IS brutal... I'm thankful to have two wide full-length metal awnings down the east & west sides of my home, that shade they create is NICE during warmer months, and the awnings keep the sun from beating through the windows of this double-wide. I have full-length concrete slabs under the awnings too, and the cats LOVE those slabs... I put catnip down on the slab on the east side and the cats roll around in the herb, lol. We hang out more often on the east side, as that's where I have my million-dollar view of the Dragoons. The west side offers a nice shady carport, keeps the blazing sun from cooking my car. The slab lets me work hassle-free on vehicles, in fact I need to change the oil & oil filter in my Camry here in the next few days. I'll do it around 0900 or 1000 hours, when the combo of shade & pleasant temperature will make the job easy.

P.S. That 'Conestoga Cover' is an interesting concept... ANY cover is better than NONE here in AZ.


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Jan 8, 2015
calgary alberta
That would not last a year here the winds would destroy it and the trailer. The sun on the decals on the sides front and rear kills them
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