Canopy Project (boat or picnic table)

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Last month a weekender at the RV park where im staying left a broken canopy at his campsite when he left.  The scissor arms were all broken and the top supports were broken too.  However the top material was perfect.  So i dragged it over here and waited a few days to be sure he was not comming back for it. 

Then i ripped it apart and cut the scissor arms into pieces and used them as stakes for the legs and supports.  I replaced the scissor arms with yellow painted 1x4's on every side and then had to fix and cut the top supports to fit together evenly at the peak. 

Then once i had it all square i used a 10 ' 4" PVC pipe and cut it into 2ft sections.  Then set the legs inside of that pipe, and added a huge nail stake and left it about 5 inches out of the ground.  Then filled each leg pvc pipe with concrete (sitting on top of the ground).  Before the concrete dried i inserted a 2x4 hanger and the 4 nails into the top flat side after leveling off the concrete. 

Once it dried i inserted a painted yellow 2x2 into the 2x4 hanger at the bottom and then attached the top to the corner of the 1x4's. 

Then i painted the pvc yellow. 

Here is a pic, it came out pretty nice indeed.    And if i ever need to move it, just lift up (with some force) and it will slide right out of the ground.  Its very sturdy now and it took 1.25 80# bags of concrete. 

I plan to use this for either my boat cover when i get a boat or for a picnic table if i dont get a boat.



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Rene T

Site Team
May 20, 2011
Farmington NH
Very created Dave and you did a great job. Just one question. How many new EZ-UPS could you have bought with the money you spent on this set up?


Rene T said:
Very created Dave and you did a great job. Just one question. How many new EZ-UPS could you have bought with the money you spent on this set up?

Thanks,  well i already had the paint from a prev project. 

$10.00 for the pvc pipe
$12.00 for the 1x4's
$3.00 2x2's
$8.80 for concrete
$4.00 for stake nails

Total:  $37.80

I dont think i could have even gotten 1 EZUP new for that price :)  And even so it prob would have broken like theirs did lol


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Aug 9, 2012
Saint Johns, FL
Yeah, those ezups don't seem to last long.  With little time and desire to do the work you've done, I've tossed a few like that.

I'd suggest keeping your eye open for similar dumpster scores of the same size, to stow away as a spare.  It's been my experience that the fabric in those things doesn't last long when outside and up continuously. 


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Apr 12, 2005
Roman Forest, TX.
Well as they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure.  It was very inconsiderate of the person for just leaving it there, but turned out great.  Nice job.


Thanks,  well i dont want people to think i go dumpster diving because i dont.  I only noticed this thing laying on the ground because the space was right across from my space.  I suppose i could invest in some UV Fabric guard to make it last longer, i did a google and it looks like most brands of the UV guard are around $7 or so.  Might be a good investment.

The only time i really ever notice anything dumpster wise is if its totally out of place.  Such as i found a 2 year old lawn mower on top of the dumpster with a B & S motor.  No way it goes bad or blows an engine in 2 years time.  So i had a neighbor help me take it down.  That was 2 months ago and i have not looked at it yet but the start handle does pull so i dont think its the motor.  Ill have to put some fuel in it to see.  I did find some videos that show how to check the float and other stuff like the blades.  Ill get to it eventually.  I also did call LE to check if it was stolen and its not.

If i can get it running it might be worth $100 bucks or so, its not rusted or anything, paint is still good.  It might be a decent project one day.



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