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Apr 12, 2005
Roman Forest, TX.
Hullo all.  I will be going to my first ever high school reunion in October.  The 40th.  Which is just plain scary all on its own.  There's not much right around Grand Saline, but there is a lot around Canton.  That being where First Monday is, it is pretty popular.  Has anyone stayed at any of the campground around there.  A couple I have narrowed down are Bluebird RV Park and Canton Creek RV Park.  Both are Passport America.  I'm leaning more towards Canton Creek as Bluebird has some strange restrictions (cash only, drive-up only (no reservations).  Can anyone help?  Any other recommendations?

Haven't been there in a couple years but stayed at Mill Creek but then it was a rally so I don't know about the discounts, but it was a nice park. Canton creek should be ok and you can get the Passport America rate.
Wow.  Talk about a revelation.  I got to looking closer at Canton Creek, because something kept tickling my memory.  And then it hit me.  This place used to be a "Nature Resort".  Yeah...a nudist camp.  Now for the really strange part.  My Mom and Stepdad used to be members there back in the 80's.  Mom actually used to live there for a while. wonder it looked so familiar.

That aside, it really looks like a great place.  I certainly don't remember enough about it in its previous incarnation from my one and only visit there, but it could be an interesting visit.
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