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Mar 16, 2006
I would like to hear from anyone who owns a screen room for there coach / trailer.  I have a Carefree awning, and I'm considering a screen room, both for me and my cats.  They would love to go outside, but I don't trust them to find there way home.  Would a screen room serve that purpose?  I'm guessing I would need a mat for the floor also.

Thanks in advance.


Jim Dick

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Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Hi Dave,

I don't have a screen room but have seen many of them installed on RVs. I'm not sure how many times the owners really use them. They are not as easy to put up as the sales people say. I'll bet the cats will find a way to escape since most of them require staking or something else to hold the bottom to the ground.

A screen room might work if you were going to stay in one place for a week or more. To put it up for one or two nights would be a lot of work. Maybe someone here does have one that is easy to use.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
The ones that seal up nice and tight, tight to the RV walls and also the opening  under of the RV, are not trivial to put up, though if you do it regularly you "get the hang of it" and it goes along fairly smooothly.  I'v ehelped a friend put his up and it was a real comedy the first time but he got better once he developed a procedure. 

But I'll still bet the cats find a way through it somewhere if they are really inclined to do so. Are they mostly "indoor" cats and more or less contented that way? If so, they might just lay and look out through the screens. But if they are pushing to get out of the RV, they will probably continuie to push to get out of the screen room.  We walk our cat on a leash when he has the urge to see the countryside, but he is mostly content to stay in the coach and look out the windows. Doesn't try to sneak out the door when it opens, for example.


Feb 27, 2011
Snowflake, AZ
I am new to the forum and RVing but I wanted an "enclosed outdoor space" even though I could not afford a Carefree screen room. One day while browsing in Wal Mart I saw the screen room kit for a popup gazabo for only $40 and my imagination went into overdrive. I bought it, went home and got to work. It doesn't cover the top or completely keep out bugs but it is an "enclosed space" and we did see bugs bounce of the screen rather than fly right at us. Here are pics of the results.


  • Screen Room Outside Day_01.JPG
    Screen Room Outside Day_01.JPG
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  • Screen Room from Outside Front_01.JPG
    Screen Room from Outside Front_01.JPG
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ruthandken CDN

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Aug 7, 2007
Ontario, Canada
We had one when we had our Class C.  It was somewhat of a PITA to put up and we only did so when parked for awhile.  Ours was a Carefree and believe me cats could escape from there very easily. 


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Mar 1, 2011
i just installed the Patti room enclosed screen room to my freedom elite Class C.  It took me all day to do the initial install.  Drilling holes into the side of my new RV was a little nerve wracking but got some advice from my local campworld service department.  It looked nice and seemed functional.  Well being doing a test run next week. But yes i dont think it will keep a cat in, nor my wife's dog in.  Well keep you posted.


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