Carpet replacement- Winnebego Warrior

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Jun 1, 2019
I recently purchased a 1996 Winnebego Warrior. Probably with more thoughts of it being a ?Bug Out? vehicle than anything else. Got a good deal on it from a dealer- and have been proceeding on a bunch of expected repairs / upgrades .  New tires,  batteries, shocks, wipers, mattress, faucets, etc
I had planned to leave the cosmetics and interior pretty much alone and maybe concentrate on re-caulking fittings an openings over the dry summer months.
This thing has the Teal accent package. Already tired of it.
I?ve noticed that a lot of the interior was factory installed after the carpet went in.
Now I?m sure I could get the visible and accessible carpet cut out and a good installer would fit the new carpet properly.
But - every time I look under the bed, or in certain storage areas - I?m gonna see TEAL!!!
So I think I?m gonna take out the furniture before proceeding.
Finding the old screw holes is going to be difficult.
What am I up against?
Some industrial strength super carpet glue that will make me regret the project?
Should I just ?Embrace the Teal? as I previous had decided? At least for the summer?
Anyone done this before?

Really depends.  We had carpet in the bottom kitchen cabinets.  Just did not worry about it.  I pulled the old carpet out.  A carpet installer showed up and laid the new.  Took him a day and a half for the living room and slide plus the kitchen slide lip.  You could always use carpet dye inside the cabinets.  Sure would be easier than steipping to the bare walls.  As an alternative, cut the old carpet out, cut and staple a piece of the new in each place.
I think you're right - its just not how I like to do things, but if I start stripping to bare walls I'll want to do even more. I think I'll just make the best of what we have, at least for now. AND!! My wife just showed up with a bunch of teal colored accessories - towels, throws, etc. Oh well - it's the carpet steamer and see how it goes.
I'm going to stick to the running gear and outfitting this thing.
Super Steer springs on the way............
Probably do upper and lower ball joints while the springs are out. May as well.
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