Cat trees for motorhome

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Jul 20, 2014
Cedar Falls, IA
When we had two or three cats and a travel trailer, Kevin made a couple of cat trees that fit into corners. When we bought the MH, we only had one cat, she had arthritis, and she didn’t use the cat tree at home, so we never got one for the motorhome. Now Lily has gone, and we will be getting two kitten soon. We will start with them in the house, and the massive cat tree is ready for them, but what do people do in motorhomes? My walls are full occupied with sofas, chairs, and tables. I am sure some of you have great ideas, so tell me about them!
There simply isn't room for everything we (and the cat) might like to have. What you can do, if anything, depends largely on the layout of your RV and how much inconvenience you are willing to endure to enrich the cats life.

I made a smallish one, more of a scratcher-post than a tree. Basically a 16"x16" plywood base with a 30" tall 3x4 post wrapped with sisal rope. It sat in the hall of our walk-thru bath.

None of our cats were ever bashful about appropriating spots for their own use.
We are planning to build with something like this but we are still trying to figure out how we could make it easy to install as possible.

We are planning to build with something like this but we are still trying to figure out how we could make it easy to install as possible.

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Cute. I have a friends with “catios”, but they all have houses. I have seen a few on stationary rigs, but we travel far too much to use one. Besides, I prefer my inside cats that never have fleas, parasites, or get diseases from strays. I am afraid this would make my indoor cats far too used to the outdoors.
I built a "catio" for our two cats. On the inside, it hooks over the window sill. The supports on the outside are adjustable paint roller poles. While we travel, it rides on a platform attached to the back bumper.

This design had one problem. If it had been raining, I would get a shower when taking it down. My new one has a sloped roof, but I don't have any photos yet.

For a scratching post, you can wrap 3/8" sisal rope around one of the steel posts that hold up a table. Installing small eye bolts near the top and bottom of the post will make it easy to secure the rope.



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Cats are strange animals. They may use your sticks and bricks scratching post and not the one in a different environment.
Not much different than a dog never barking at home, but never shutting up at the campground.


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Now all you need is a portable bird feeder so the cats can watch the birds!!

On my Class A I hung a bird feeder from the Driver's side rear view mirror.
The Main slide was "Behind the driver's seat" so when extended the side, which contained the couch. a cat sitting on the back of the couch had a very good view of the bird feeder. My Female loved it. The Tom not so much (Well I think she claimed the seat and did not let him) But She sure loved it.
Our cat just assumes that Fleetwood went out of their way to make our coach cat friendly. Haven't had the heart to tell her that some of those spots are supposed to be OUR spaces!

My Budski use to enjoy his daily nap and the TV was on a timer and he'd jump up for his shows. He was named rite cause I'd get home crack a can and he'd be scratching away with his tongue drinking the beer with no training

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