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Apr 13, 2012
Lancaster, PA
I attached a pic.  Prior leakage around the bathroom exhaust vent. I plan to replace a layer of ceiling with some thin wood. I don't want to pierce the ceiling with nails/staples. What is used to adhere the new section to the roof, some type of wood glue?



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You can get some 1/4" MDF with a melamine coating on it. I think it comes in at least white and almond. Probably special order. I would either just put up another piece over the damage (especially if it's just in one section, like in the bathroom. You'll have to find the roof joists, and countersink some 1" drywall screws. If it's a small enough area, you can just glue it up with some liquid nails, and screw around the edges - maybe hidden with the skylight bezel. You can then put some of that 1.5" plastic joint material or other moulding around the other exposed screwheads. This obviously assumes that you've fixed the leak, first.

I wouldn't use an MDF product due to the fact that it's not moisture or mildew resistant.  In a bathroom situation, you will need those features.  A hardwood product that is moisture resistant or fiberglass would be the way to go.  Also, as well as MDF, they all come in 1/8" thickness.  I don't see why you would need anything thicker and would be easier to work with.  And cheaper if using hardwood.  The fiberglass would probably be double the price per 4 X 8 sheet, but would be your best bet in the long run.  Can be worked the same as the hardwood.  Very easy to clean and no moisture damage worries.  Available in colors and any of the big box stores.

As far as cosmetics...
Liquid Nails would probably work well in exposed areas.  As long as the surfaces in contact with the adhesive are intact and clean enough.  I would also brad the perimeter edges (hidden with moulding), around the vent (hidden with vent bezel), and under the ceiling light fixture.

And as mylo mentioned, I hope the roof leak is repaired.  Otherwise, you will definitely have more work ahead of you.

They make plastic "push rivets" for Fiberglass Reinforced Panels. If your ceiling is like mine, it is not possible to use contact adhesive without first stripping off the entire ceiling liner. The adhesive which holds my ceiling liner on has deteriorated and would never hold "anything" including itself.

I installed Fiberglass Reinforced Panels on the entire ceiling of our motor home this past summer and it looks quite nice. My ceiling liner has been coming loose for the past couple of years.

Melamine is a plastic coating, and is certainly water resistant. I've worked in cabinet shops that used it for their countertop workspaces. There has been spilled coffee and other liquids on it, and wipes right off. I wouldn't use it to line a shower, but a ceiling (even in a moisture rich location) is perfectly fine. The exposed mdf edges will be protected behind moulding. The boards come faced with melamine on either both sides, or one side only. If you get the two sided stuff, then you'll have to sand the back side to give the adhesive something to grip to. Someone else pointed out that all you need is 1/8". It might even come in that thickness - which will be easier to work with.

You could probably also use some engineered material or formica. Lots of colors and finishes available, but a lot more money.

I used tile board and liquid nails to fix my bathroom ceiling, turned out great. Check it out here:


The whole ceiling in our 88 was carpet.  We pulled the carpet and replaced it all with FRP.  Just glued it up and no problem 3 years later.  Worked great.
Thanks for all the feedback ladies and gentlemen. Such a great forum.  I will post pics when I am finished in a few months prior to next season.


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