Charging new batteries

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Jul 5, 2005
We bought four new Trojan 105 batteries two months ago.  We are full timers that dry camp 24/7.  With our 3 110 solar panels and 7K Onan generator,we have not been able to get a full charge on the batteries.  The gravity meter reads "recharge" on three of four batteries.  One has been replaced by the supplier because it had a bad cell, but the performance never improved.  The dealer says it could take up to a week of running the generator 24/7 to get a full charge.

Is this true?  We cannot run the mircowave more than a full minute without completely discharging the new batteries.  Is this normal?

Terry A. Brewer

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Mar 4, 2005
>>Is this true?? We cannot run the mircowave more than a full minute without completely discharging the new batteries.? Is this normal?<<

No, thats not normal. What type inverter do you have? If it is one of the 2000+ Heart, Trace or Xantrex It should? have at least a built in 100 amp charger. It isn't efficient to try & recharge your batteries 100%, this is best left while driving usually 5-8 hrs depending on your alternator, or when you have an A/C hookup, only charge to 80% level with genset. I use 250-350 amps a day, have a 750 amp battery bank, 260 watts of solar, RS 3000 sinewave inverter with 160 amp charger & charge batteries 3-4 hrs a day with the genset. All batteries in a bank should be changed at the same time...It sounds if you have a battery or wiring problem.

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Mar 3, 2005
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Suggest you remove and clean all battery terminals and posts, reconnect them, then charge to the 80% level as Terry suggested. Then check each cell individually for s.g. They should be nearly equal. If not, that indicates you have one or more bad cells, or they were not filled with the correct s.g. electrolyte when you got them. In either case, it's back to the dealer. Also, check the dates on the batteries and make sure you didn't get old ones or someone else's returns. Could happen :mad:
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