Check Gauges and the little Wrench light

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Alan Young

New member
Aug 4, 2018
have a 2008 Fleetwood Terra LX, and having issues with the Check Gauges light and the little Wrench light coming on and if we are driving is shuts the engine down, and  will not start again. now also having issues with low voltage to the electric Jacks.  I am out of Ideas, have checked ALL fuses, relays,  and something is drawing the battery down,  have replaced all negative ground cables, batteries are new, thanks

Optimistic Paranoid

Well-known member
Jan 19, 2013
Have you verified that the charging system is actually charging?

Use a digital multimeter.  A fully charged battery, without the engine running, should read 12.6 volts.  WITH the engine running, you should see high 13 up to 15 volts.

If not, could be bad alternator,  loose wire, slipping belt, or bad voltage regulator/engine control computer.

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Solid advice from Paranoid.

When it said "Check Gauges", did you? What did the gauges say?  I'm guessing very low voltage, likely meaning no alternator output (no battery charging).  After it shuts down, have you checked engine battery voltage?

Since it's a Fleetwood RV, the house charging system will charge the engine battery as well, so try running the generator while you drive and see if the engine stays running.
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