City of Laughlin enforcing no overnight RV parking?

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Aug 27, 2005
We are heading to Laughlin in a couple of weeks.? In the past we have not bothered with RV park reservations as we try to get into town during the week and if no space in the RV park (usually Riverside) we just do a stop over parking in the casino parking lot for that night and go into rv park the next morning.? ? Someone just told us this week they had heard city of Laughlin is enforcing no overnight MH/camper parking on casinos now.? He said that really put a problem for the too few RV parks on the Laughlin side.? ?

If someone knows this answer,? do you know this one too?? Does the Wall Mart in Bullhead City allow camper/MH one night stop over??

Thanks for any help.? It just may be that we can't do our usual casual - we get there when we get there approach.? ?


Terry A. Brewer

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Mar 4, 2005
We were there over New Years & RV's were camped in all the Casino parking lots....Even right under the "No Camping" signs with their slideouts, chairs & grills.

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